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We keep your pool, spa, and water features clean, clear, and chemically balanced every day of the year. Our weekly service covers all aspects maintenance including filter cleaning, brushing steps and walls, cleaning tiles, vacuuming any debris left on the pool floor, skimming surface debris, and emptying the pool pump and skimmer baskets. Additionally, we test your water chemistry, add chemicals to achieve ideal ph levels and control algae growth, and visually inspect the vital elements that keep your pool running. Your spa and hot tub will also receive the same high quality treatment from our staff of expert technicians. Service can be set for any day of the week and can be adjusted to accommodate any busy lifestyle.

New and existing pool systems

Have you bought or rented a house with an existing pool system and don’t know where to start? Let our team of experts assist you with a complete walkthrough of the equipment and all of your pool’s features, such as: solar and gas heating, setting winter and summer pump times, use of pool remote controls and keypads, how to fill and drain your pool or spa, turning on and off water features, and all recommended maintenance. This in depth overview will give you professional knowledge of your pool and how to properly maintain it throughout the year. We can also assist owners with a walkthrough of their newly constructed plaster, quartz, and pebble finished pools.

Algae removal, acid washing, and more

We specialize in a variety of additional pool services including: algae removal, acid washing, salt water service, inspection, and bead blasting. If your pool has turned from it’s beautiful blue color to a cloudy and murky green color, there is a quick and easy fix. Algae builds up in any pool over time and if left untreated, begins to change the color of your water. With the addition of specialized chemicals and a few cleaning cycles our team can fix this unhealthy and visually unappealing issue for you. In the case of highly neglected pools we offer more in-depth services that will restore the original beauty and functionality.

Equipment Repair Services

We are passionate about pool cleaning and that also extends to repairing pool equipment such as: electronic control systems, vacuum floor cleaners, pumps, valves, solar heaters, filtration systems, skimmer baskets, and more. Our staff can also fix leaks, resurface decks, and repair cracks in your decking and rock facades. We present cost effective and high quality repair options for home owners and property mangers throughout Las Vegas, NV.

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We provide a full range of professional pool cleaning services for renters, owners, and property managers throughout Las Vegas, NV.

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