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Our company delivers a superior level of clean with a complete 250+ point checklist that covers every inch of your house, condo, townhouse, or apartment. Life gets busy, work requires longer hours, and unexpected events always seem to happen. We are here to relieve the stress and time consuming nature of truly cleaning a house.

We clean your entire home

Our deep cleaning service professionally details your interior and exterior windows, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living and dining rooms, entryways, and hallways. Working top to bottom our experts dust your fans, ledges, doors, picture frames, wall fixtures, blinds, computer monitors, televisions, window sills, shelfs, desks, baseboards, and over one hundred other items. We clean appliances, inside and outside of ovens, exterior of refrigerators and dish washers, and make your countertops shine. After vacuuming carpets, rugs, and approved fabric furniture our cleaning experts will finish with wet mopping stone floors, dry mopping of wood floors, and removal of trash. The final step is a walkthrough with our clients to ensure we exceeded their expectations.

Our staff is always there for you

Every member of our highly skilled staff works together to thoroughly clean every room in your house. This beautiful symphony is choreographed by your dedicated on-site manager. They arrive to perform pre-inspection, focus on specific areas you would like cleaned, and answer any questions you might have. Each service will typically start in the master bathroom and our experts will work towards the entrance of the home. After the bathrooms have been sanitized, bedrooms are picked up and linens are placed in appropriate places. If applicable, stairs are cleaned before heading to the kitchen. After the commonly shared rooms of the house and entryways are cleaned, we double check to make sure every item on your checklist has been completed.

We make scheduling easy

Your house is your sanctuary and we take pride in being your cleaning company. An on-boarding specialist can provide a no obligation estimate over the phone for our full range of professional cleaning services. E-mail support is also always available to provide estimates and help with last minute bookings. One time and routine services such as weekly and bi-weekly cleaning can be scheduled at times that work best for you. Mobile detailing your car, truck, van or SUV can also be booked at the same time we clean your home. Any of our maid and on-site laundry services can be combined to form a custom package that works best for you and your family.

House Cleaning?

We provide a full range of professional house cleaning services for renters, owners, and property managers throughout Las Vegas, NV.

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