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When was the last time your air vents and ducts were professionally cleaned? These vital and often overlooked aspects of your home or office should be cleaned every two to three years – and even more frequently if you have pets, employees, or children with allergies. Pro tip – schedule this service when your fire alarm batteries need to be replaced. Cleaning your air ducts provides a healthier indoor air quality and can help with symptoms of asthma, allergies, coughing, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, headaches, and other respiratory conditions. It also helps your home’s systems run more efficiently – potentially lowering your power bill and lengthening the life of those critical systems.

It happens to everyone

Over time air ducts accumulate dust and build up from dust particles, dust mites, pet dander, cooking vapors, pollen, allergens, fungi, skin dander, lint and bacteria. You are not alone. It happens to every residential and commercial ventilation system we have ever seen. Having your home’s ducts and ventilation system cleaned helps your whole family breathe easier through improved air quality. We offer free, no obligation estimates from elite professionals in air duct cleaning. After a brief inspection of your home or office our professionals can quickly determine if you need service and where your problem areas are.

Avoid dryer fires

Having your dryer vent system cleaned is vital to your home. Every year several residential fires are caused by home owners and property managers not maintaining their dryer ducts and vents. Large amounts of lint can pose a potential fire hazard. Please schedule an appointment, with any air duct cleaning service in Las Vegas, if you notice any of the following: large amounts of debris and lint near your dryer or exhaust duct, excessive lint within the dryer’s lint trap, an unpleasant odor on your clothing or towels after a cycle through the dryer, or if your laundry takes more than one cycle to dry. We can not stress the importance of having your dryer vents routinely cleaned.

Fireplaces, chimneys, and more

We also provide services for fireplaces, chimneys, air purifier replacement, and AC filter replacement. Our goal is to be your complete cleaning resource through providing a wide variety of high quality services. In Las Vegas the dust and dirt is relentless. Through regularly scheduled maintenance, our team will maintain a free flow of filtered air through your vents and appliances. Emergency and same day cleaning is always available. We hope to serve you either today or in the future.

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We provide a full range of professional air duct cleaning services for renters, owners, and property managers throughout Las Vegas, NV.

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